Chris Rocks the Cathedral 

I love to watch Chris play. He puts his whole body into it...I realized is partly because every limb you have works at the same time (playing those pedals is rough). And sometimes it looks as if he is singing along with the music even though there are no words, which I think is cool. (Check out the entire blog at

Note about Homecoming Service At Broadway United Methodist Church 

What a climactic worship event, enhanced by the swells and majestic orchestration of the organ. You have the gift to make the keys pressed become music that soars and saturates the whole enviroment with "honor and glory" to God. Prepared for worship by the stirring prelude, directed by the interludes and support of the hymns and undergirding the choral renditions...all I can say is thanks you for sharing your gift. Grace and Peace, Bill Lipp, Associate Minister 1964-68.

Note from Carl P. Daw, Jr 

"...thank you for the very fine organ recital...We especially appreciated your sensitivity to this group's love of singing in parts and a cappella. Your attention to hymnic material from the organ repertoire was also noted with gratitude. That you were able to pull all this together on relatively short further cause for commendation." Carl P. Daw, Jr., Executive Director, The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada